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About us

“Sometimes life gives you opportunities you do not have to think about twice”, says Marcel Houweling, owner of byME lifestyle.

Instantly in love

Many years ago my wife Elmire and I traveled to Andalusia! As frequent travelers we were prepared and ready to set off to explore the beautiful cities and countryside. After our first drive through the rolling hills with breathtaking views and the most delicious tapas in a charming little restaurant in an enchanting white village the feeling of bliss came over us. Something you can not prepare for, we were caught off guard and totally in love. We were touched by the overwhelming beauty, boundless hospitality and casual and relaxed atmosphere. We enjoyed Andalusia more than two weeks and one thing was certain; we would return!

Our private little paradise

The love for Andalusia grew and in 2011 we started looking for our own holiday home. On the outskirts of a tiny village, near the nature park El Torcal, we found a charming and characteristic finca with spectacular views. The relatively small distance to the beach, nature and beautiful cities within reach make this area unique. It quickly became the place where family, friends, cosiness and delicious Spanish cuisine meet, a place my wife transformed into a small paradise where many people feel at home. We enjoy this beautiful region and meet special people in great places. We feel privileged that we can experience this unique lifestyle.

byME lifestyle

The feeling to do more with this and to share this amazing experience, I could not let go. After many years of entrepreneurship in IT the time had come for a complete change and walk a new path with the founding of byME lifestyle in the summer of 2016. The team byME lifestyle is starting with years of experience in hospitality and travel business and knows this part of Andalusia like no other because they live here or are staying here on a regular bases. The perfect combination for finding special accommodations in surprising locations for an unforgettable holiday in this authentic part of Andalusia. With a unique personal approach and a carefully selected portfolio of holiday homes, apartments, hotels and bed & breakfasts byME lifestyle offers you the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant city of Málaga and the surprising and authentic countryside of Andalusia near Málaga.